Fanongonongo mei he Potungaue

Public Notice

Interference with Government Landmarks and Survey Pegs

Attention: General Public

The Ministry of Lands, Survey, Planning, and Natural Resources hereby issues this public notice concerning the protection of Government landmarks and survey pegs.

Legal Notice:

In accordance with Section 180 of the Criminal Offences Act, "Every person who shall move, damage or in any manner interfere with any landmark or any Government survey peg which has been fixed under the authority of a Government surveyor or of the Minister of Lands shall be liable to imprisonment for any period not exceeding one year."

Key Points:
  1. Protection of Survey Pegs:
    • 1.1 Government Asset: All survey pegs are crucial for maintaining accurate land boundaries and are considered Government property.
    • 1.2 Criminal Offence: Tampering with, moving, or damaging these pegs is a criminal offence and will result in severe penalties, including imprisonment.
  2. Replacement of Missing Pegs:
    • 2.1 Immediate Reporting: Landholders are urged to report missing or damaged survey pegs immediately to the Ministry of Lands.
    • 2.2 Replacement Fee: As per the Land Act, there is a prescribed fee for the replacement of boundary pegs, which must be paid by the landholder when requesting a replacement.
  3. Responsibilities of Landholders:
    • 3.1 Care and Maintenance: It is the duty of all landholders to ensure the survey pegs on their property and the neighbours are not tampered with and are preserved in their original position.
    • 3.2 Government Surveyors: Only authorized Government surveyors are permitted to install, move, or adjust these pegs.
  4. Public Cooperation:
    • 4.1 Vigilance Encouraged: The public is encouraged to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities or interference with survey pegs to the Ministry.
Contact Information:

For reporting or inquiries, please contact the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources at +(676) 7401301 or visit our website at

By adhering to these guidelines, you help ensure the integrity of land boundaries and contribute to the orderly management of land resources in our nation.

Issued by: Ministry of Lands, Survey, Planning, and Natural Resources

Date: 13 May 2024